Ceramaspeed Products

Ceramaspeed is a world leader and a true innovator in the manufacture of electric radiant heaters for the consumer and commercial appliance industries. Our products are designed for production automation to provide consistent quality as well as an enjoyable cooking experience for the end consumer. This proven concept as well as the proven process reliability provides a springboard into the next generation of cooking products.

At Ceramaspeed we are proud to work closely with our customers in providing them with:

  • Product design support
  • Full testing services
  • An expeditious response to requirements

We offer flexibility and customization of models as part of a unique and tailored customer service.






magmaGrill™: PANEL RIBBON HEATERS Speed, flexibility and quality - a step change in performance Ceramaspeed’s reputation has been built on the market leading performance of heating elements for glass ceramic appliances. At the heart of this success is magma™ technology, a highly insulated ribbon element architecture that can be modified for...Read More


magma™: RIBBON HEATERS Reliability, simplicity and quality - a benchmark for the glass ceramic market Ceramaspeed’s new generation magma™ ribbon heater portfolio offers high levels of robustness, performance and quality. The new magma range has been “designed for automation”, giving consistently high quality. The performance of magma heaters is underpinned by the...Read More


magma™Lite: SELF LIMITING HEATERS Reliability, simplicity and quality - a benchmark for the glass ceramic market Concept: Provide a value solution to allow the consumer more flexibility in cooking using less energy consumption. Use on one or more zones on the cooktop. Consumer Advantage: Gives the consumer the full use of the dial rotation...Read More


coolLine™: INTELLIGENT COOKING SYSTEM Fast, efficient, responsive - the best radiant heating performance Ceramaspeed’s magma™ technology for radiant heaters has been adapted for electronically controlled appliances. Introducing coolline™, a pure electronic radiant heater delivering intellicook® speedboil, the fastest boil speed on the market. coolline™ also has maximum thermal insulation, providing unprecedented protection for...Read More


Warmzone™ - LOCALISED WARMING ELEMENT Control, precision and safety – quality outputs every time Ceramaspeed has added a new product to the portfolio – Warmzone™, especially designed for localised, controlled warming, Warmzone™ has been developed to provide sufficient controlled heat to warm, melt and simmer effectively. Low temperature limiting prevents burning and scorching,...Read More

magma™ 350 P8

magma™ : RIBBON HEATER - 350 TRIPLE Reliability, simplicity and quality - a benchmark for the glass ceramic market Ceramaspeed’s magma™ glass ceramic heater range, already the largest available on the market with heater diameters ranging from the coffee pot sized 120mm up to as large as 300mm, is now further extended...Read More


EASYCOOK: INTELLIGENT COOKING SYSTEM Smarter, faster, easier - transforming the cooking experience Imagine a system that automatically brings the pan up to temperature and lets you know when it’s ready to cook.Imagine a system that controls the pan temperature and reacts to changes, just like you.Imagine consistent results every time without the...Read More


magma™Therm : RIBBON HEATERS The best thermal performance for electronically controlled appliances The latest addition to Ceramaspeed’s range of ribbon heaters for glass ceramic appliances, magma™Therm has been designed specifically for use in electronically controlled appliances where there is a need for lower ambient temperatures under the appliance to prevent damage to...Read More


magmaWave™ – PANEL RIBBON HEATERS Speed, efficiency and quality - commended by the market magmaWave™ is the latest evolution of magma™ technology and has been specially-designed for the demanding application of microwave ovens and driers. Simple in design, the performance of the element complements perfectly the speed, convenience and quality of microwave...Read More


epic™: ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED RIBBON HEATERS Faster, smarter, better - transforming the cooking experience Ceramaspeed’s next generation epic™ heaters feature a pure electronic sensor system designed specifically for high performance glass ceramic appliances, delivering enhanced speed, responsiveness, ease of use and environmental protection; real market differentiators. The new epic™ heater range benefits from all...Read More
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